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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Cutting-Edge Collaborations

Addressing complex health issues and societal needs in today’s world necessitates collaboration across a broad spectrum of disciplines and areas of research. As a result, the University of Southern California has created several major initiatives that focus on areas of critical research. Researchers at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC are actively engaged in these USC research initiatives which include:

Biomedical Nanoscience

The Biomedical Nanoscience Initiative integrates nanoscience and medicine to detect disease at the earliest time, to treat it with the greatest specificity and to restore and regenerate function through the development and deployment of devices, systems and materials at the nanoscale.

Participating Faculty: Malcolm Snead, Janet Oldak

Biomedical Imaging

The Biomedical Imaging Science Initiative develops and applies multimodal imaging techniques capable of elucidating the anatomical and functional characteristics of living organisms, leading to new paradigms for understanding disease as well as its development, treatment and prevention.

Participating Faculty: Stephen Yen, Reyes Enciso

Clinical & Translational Health Sciences

This Initiative promotes the translation of medical knowledge developed in the laboratory to clinical research and in the application of that knowledge to the diagnosis and treatment of human patients.

Southern California-Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Participating Faculty: Janet Moradian-Oldak, Michael Paine, Parish Sedghizadeh, Amy Merrill

Health Collaborative

The USC Health Collaborative is a university-wide forum that fosters inter- and trans-disciplinary research, education and networking in health and related fields.

Participating Faculty: Yang Chai, Roseann Mulligan, Michael Paine, Pragna Patel, Malcolm Snead

Urban Issues

The Urban Initiative develops solutions to complex political, economic, social, technological and environmental challenges that confront metropolitan regions.

Participating Faculty: Roseann Mulligan, Glenn Clark.