USC University of Southern California

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC


Doctor of Dental Surgery/Master of Business Administration (DDS/MBA)

In response to changes in dental care delivery systems and the increasing complexity of dental care financing, the Ostrow School of Dentistry and the USC Marshall School of Business offer an innovative five-year dual-degree Doctor of Dental Surgery/Master of Business Administration (DDS/MBA) program for individuals desiring knowledge and skills in both dental science and business administration.

Admission Requirements

Students who have successfully completed one year in the School of Dentistry will be considered for admission to the Marshall School of Business. All requirements for admission to the regular MBA program (grade point average, GMAT score, etc.) must be fulfilled.

Course of Study

Students must complete all requirements established by both schools for their respective degrees. Following is an overview of the program’s structure:

First year: required dentistry courses

Second year: required MBA courses and graduate business electives

Third to fifth years: remainder of required dentistry courses and graduate business elective courses sufficient to bring the total units completed in the Marshall School to at least 48. Dual degree students may not count courses taken outside the Marshall School of Business toward the 48 units. The dentistry requirement of four units of elective courses will be met by Marshall School courses.

The program may be completed in five calendar years.