USC University of Southern California

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Cost of Attendance

Advance Standing Program for International Dentists

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2018-2019

Year 1 Year 2
Tuition $93,335 $93,335
Health Center Fees $944 $944
Mandatory Health Insurance $2,041 $2,041
Programming Fees $80 $80
Norman Topping Student Aid Fee $16 $16
Orientation Fee $0 $0.00
ADA/ASDA/ADHA Membership $80 $80
CDA Membership $5 $5
Dental Disability Insurance $55 $55
Instrument Mgt System (IMS) $4,473 $4,473
Equipment/Textbooks $10,345 $0
Scrub Fee $420 $0.00
Clinic Jacket $165 $165
TOTAL $111,959 $101,194


Indirect Expenses
Room and Board $23,739
Personal/Miscellaneous $2,979
Transportation $3,264
Optional Expenses
Parking Fees (per trimester) $72-$500
Student Activity Book $200
Dental Hygiene Gen Ed Coursework
University Tuition Rate (per unit) $1,863

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and mandatory fees are payable the first week of each trimester (September, January, May) and is the same for resident and non-resident students. A large percentage of USC dental students receive financial assistance. Students may apply for a variety of financial aid based on need and ability. Financial need is usually met through a combination of State and Federal loans, private loans, personal resources, and family support.

The preceding budget represents estimates of expenses which will be used as a guide in evaluating a student’s financial need and also in the distribution of financial aid. Dental, extra medical costs, car payments, debts, charge accounts, spouse’s education and child care cost are not figured into these budgets. Estimated standard budgets are based on a single person, living off-campus (Not living on campus or in University owned housing.) Amounts will vary depending on individual lifestyles.