Yasmine Pezeshkpour MCM ‘17


15 Feb 15

The USC dental alumni join scholarship donors and awardees for the 2015 Friends of Dentistry Scholarship Recognition Dinner, a unique event bringing Ostrow students face to face with their generous benefactors.  


Throughout the years, Lee Adishian ’78 and Scott Adishian ’75, DDS ’79, PROS ’82 have given back to their alma mater—whether in the form of money or time spent in advisory roles on the school’s board of councilors and many of the school’s support groups. 

In 2012, Scott earned a Widney Alumni House Award for his longtime dedication and service to USC. 

Last year, they decided they’d like to give back in a different way—by establishing a scholarship at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC. 

“The scholarship is an extension of our desire to give our time and energy to benefit our school—especially the students,” says Scott Adishian.

This past fall, for the first time ever, an Ostrow student was named the recipient of the Lee and Scott Adishian Scholarship. 

The scholarship’s goal, they say, is to enhance student opportunities and aid in professional development, networking, leadership and in keeping with Trojan tradition, volunteering.

They are giving back to support the place they were introduced nearly 40 years ago—to each other and the profession: the USC dental school.

“USC is home, every time I put my feet on campus it feels like I’m back in school reliving my time as a student,” says Lee Adishian ’78. “My profession is also very dear to me, so it comes natural for me to want to stay involved and be a part of all the exciting changes at Ostrow.”

They were surprised at the variety of options available to give back to the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. 

They knew they wanted to direct their support towards the students and assist in professional development but they didn’t think a scholarship was feasible. 

“I have a heart for students and, having gone through professional school, I know how devoted one must be. I want to help others succeed,” Lee says.

The Adishians are very active in their profession. Scott runs a private practice in Burbank, Calif. Lee is the executive director of the San Gabriel Valley Dental Society, one of LA’s components reporting to the State Dental Society. 

Scott even taught at the dental school in several capacities after receiving his degrees.

“Some of my most rewarding memories were teaching at the dental school where I was able to interact with students and help shape their futures as dentists and educators,” Scott says.

“I am always moved when former students that I see now as professionals share memories with me from my course or say that I had a influence that I had on their education,” he adds. 

The Adishians also believe in being a part of professional organizations inside and outside of USC. From Friends of Dentistry to the California Dental Society, the duo is passionate about giving back their time to bettering their professions. They even teamed up recently to help lead the CDA Cares event in Pomona this fall that served up to 2,000 patients.

“A scholarship is another way to give to the dental community, but specifically to have a positive influence on individuals that may need assistance beyond teaching,” Scott says.

“I still remember the positive influences of my mentors as clearly as if it were yesterday and how it shaped my desire to continue in their footsteps. It is our hope that a scholarship will bring the same desire to the recipients.” 

The first recipient of the Lee and Scott Adishian Scholarship is the class of 2016 president Omar Kholaki. 

Kholaki will join the Adishians at the 2015 Friends of Dentistry Scholarship Recognition Dinner and hopes to set the precedent of excellence for future recipients. 

The Friends of Dentistry Scholarship Recognition Dinner takes place Feb. 20 at the W Hotel in Hollywood, Calif.


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