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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Master of Science in Biomedical Implants and Tissue Engineering (BITE)

Program Overview

The Master of Science in Biomedical Implants and Tissue Engineering (BITE) is an intense academic program available only to current periodontology residents. It is designed to enhance the knowledge and critical thinking skills of graduate students interested in biological and clinical aspects of osseointegration and clinical applications of tissue engineering sciences. Through rigorous review of the scientific literature, graduate students are expected to gain advanced knowledge of clinical and scientific studies involving dental implants and related procedures required to regenerate oral and craniofacial tissues. These studies are intended to form the fundamental basis to pursue evidence-based practice for clinicians, as well as conduct scientific studies for clinical researchers. This academic degree is suitable for those, who are interested to gain expertise in dental implant therapeutics and regenerative sciences. In addition to the didactic courses and gaining comprehensive understanding with relevant scientific literature, graduate students are required to design and complete a scientific research project, under the supervision of an academic committee, composed of mentors with relevant expertise. The resulting data from the scientific study is expected to be prepared in manuscript format and submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

The BITE MS program is 6 trimesters (24 months) in length. The program is a purely academic program, and there is no clinical patient care component to this program.

Admission Requirements

  • All applicants must be enrolled in Ostrow’s Periodontology Program.
  • All applicants to the BITE MS program must have earned a dental degree (DDS, DMD, BDS or equivalent) by the time of matriculation.
  • For U.S. applicants, the dental degree must be earned at an American Dental Association (ADA)-accredited university, located in the United States.
  • For international applicants, the dental degree should be conferred by an institution accredited by the country’s Ministry of Education or equivalent. The transcripts must be submitted with official translation, directly by the school itself or by a professional, certified translator.
  • Details of transcript requirements can be found at
  • Details of the verification of the degree from U.S. and international institutions can be found at
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher on 4.0 scale (if GPA is provided by institution)
  • Three references from professionals qualified to assess prior academic and research performance
  • English proficiency is a requirement for admission, and the details can be found at
  • GRE is not a requirement for admission
  • If English is not the official language of the country in which the degree was conferred, as well as the language of instruction, applicants are required to demonstrate their English proficiency, by submitting following scores:
    • USC accepts only Internet-Based TOEFL (iBT) test scores. Admitted students are exempt from taking the International Student English (ISE) Examination, if iBT score of 90 or above has been achieved, with 20 or above in each section. Recent examination scores within last 2 years will be acceptable.


  • Fall Trimester I 
    • BITE 582: Introduction to biomedical implants (3 units)
  • Spring Trimester II 
    • BITE 583: Clinical applications oftissue engineering(4 units)
    • BITE 590: Directed Research (2 units)
  • Summer Trimester III 
    • BITE 584: Evidence-Based Practice (3 units)
    • BITE 590: Directed Research (2 units)
  • Fall Trimester IV 
    • BITE 585 Biomaterial and protocols (3 units)
  • Spring Trimester V
    • BITE 586: Current Trends in Biomedical Implants & Tissue Engineering (3 units)
    • BITE 594a: Master’s Thesis (2 units)
  • Summer Trimester VI
    • BITE 594b: Master’s Thesis (2 units)

Materials required for all applicants

  • Statement of purpose
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation addressed to the program director
  • Official dental school transcripts including a year-by-year record

How to apply

  • The applications for M.S. BITE should be submitted electronically to the USC Graduate School using USC CAS Application by July 15th for Fall semester.
  • For more information refer to the instructions page.

Contact us for more information

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