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Dental Explorers—Class of 2013

Dental Explorers 2013

Inquiring Minds

Forty-five bright and talented students—ranging in age from 13 to 30—get a sneak peek into dental school life during the Dental Explorers program, an annual two-week summer camp beginning July 17 at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.


In its 10-year history, Ostrow School of Dentistry’s Dental Explorer program has helped jump-start the dental careers of more than a few students who, during the two-week program, got the opportunity to decide whether or not dental school was for them.

In fact, some of our own—Ignacio Calderon DDS ’14, Siona Motufau DDS ’14 and Jenny Thai DDS ’15—were once here as Dental Explorers, getting a better understanding of the dental profession.

“I was fortunate to have been exposed to Ostrow while applying to dental schools as a part of the Dental Explorers program,” Thai says. “This program not only solidified my decision to become a dentist, but also made USC my top choice for a dental school.”

The program helps promote diversity in the dental profession by giving students from historically underrepresented backgrounds—especially minorities and economically disadvantaged youth—exposure to the dental profession.

They attend lectures, get hands-on clinical experience in the simulation lab and shadow some of the best clinicians in the business as part of Ostrow’s exploratory program—opportunities they might never have had the were it not for the barrier-breaking camp.

In anticipation of the new class’ arrival, we’d like to introduce you to just a few of the many bright, talented and ambitious students who’ll be walking the halls of our school in the coming weeks:

Meet the Dental Explorers