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Nikolas Tubert—Dental Explorers 2013

Dental Explorer Nikolas Tubert
Nikolas Tubert

Nikolas Tubert

Age: 16

Coming from: Wilson High School

Why I think a career in dentistry might be for me: I have always loved chemistry and biology classes in school and always pictured myself working in the medical field when I grow up.

What I hope to learn during the Dental Explorers program: I’d like to learn about the various fields of dentistry to see what suits my interests. I also hope to learn what the daily work life of a dentist is like.

When I found out I was accepted into Dental Explorers, my first thought was: I was excited to find out that I would get the opportunity to explore one of my desired fields of work at such a notable institution.

My number one doubt about becoming a dental professional is: There are so many options in the medical field that I don’t yet know if dentistry is the best career choice for me.

Proudest moment of my life (so far): Even though I am currently first chair cellist in my high school orchestra, my proudest moment was when I received an “Excellence in Orchestra” award in middle school.

If I could see my life in 10 years, I hope it looks like: At age 26, I hope I’m beginning my career in the medical or dental field, depending upon what choices I make.

The number one misconception I think people have about dental professionals is: I believe some people interpret it as an easy field to make a lot of money. However, it is actually a thorough process—not only going through school, but also making the decisions dentists make every day impacting their patients’ dental health.

It’s important to have programs like Dental Explorers because: It helps young people decide what field they might want to pursue. These programs can also ease young people into the real world of work.

One job I don’t think I could ever do is (and why): I could never be a tollbooth operator because I have more ambition than to just sit around all day.