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Kayla Brooks—Dental Explorers 2013

Dental Explorer Kayla Brooks
Kayla Brooks

Kayla Brooks

Age: 18

Coming from: Northwestern University

Why I think a career in dentistry might be for me: Being in the dental profession will allow me to help people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Dentistry opens doors to many different beneficial opportunities and is rapidly changing and expanding, which provides for a lifetime of learning.

When I found out I was accepted into Dental Explorers, my first thought was: “Can it start tomorrow?”

My number one doubt about becoming a dental professional is: One thing I am nervous about is establishing myself in a practice. Also, practicing shots on each other in dental school.

What I ultimately hope to get out of my experience with the Dental Explorers program: I am just very excited to be surrounded by professionals in the field. It will also be great to interact with students with similar career goals as me.

Proudest moment of my life (so far): Getting into my dream college

If I could see my life in 10 years, I hope it looks like: That I’m graduating from an orthodontic program and seeking to join a dental practice in Southern California. I would also love to travel and participate in doctors without borders.

The number one misconception I think people have about dental professionals is: “You just want to clean dirty teeth all day?”

It’s important to have programs like Dental Explorers because: It immerses curious young adults into their potential career and gives them the opportunity to see if it really is the field for them.

One job I don’t think I could ever do is: A sewer cleaner. The reason is pretty self-explanatory. :p