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A Long Time Coming

Ostrow Clinical Assistant Professor Gabriela Anderson turns childhood dream into fulfilling career.  BY JAMIE WETHERBE MA ’04 Growing up in Romania, Gabriela Anderson discovered she wanted to be a dentist at a young age.  “In our elementary school, we had a dentist with an office,” Anderson says. “She would take us from the classroom, and […]

Five things to know about USC dentistry faculty member Pinghui Feng

Earlier this year, Pinghui Feng left behind the Keck School of Medicine of USC, where he served as a professor of molecular microbiology and immunology, for the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. Here, he intends to broaden his research focus, working with a number of well-known investigators, and leading Ostrow’s new infection and immunity section. […]

Secret Lives: Daniel Schechter DDS ’72, Astrophotographer

For the past four decades, the Ostrow faculty member has circled the globe chasing after the perfect shots of eclipses, comets and the stars.  BY JOHN HOBBS MA ’14 It was on a trip to a swim meet when Matt Schechter saw it.  “Hey Dad, guess what I just saw in the Atlanta airport,” Matt said […]

Community Caregiver

Ostrow Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry Kristine Parungao DH ’13 dedicates her career to providing dental treatment to the underserved, far and wide.  BY HOPE HAMASHIGE Kristine Parungao may be on the Ostrow faculty, but one place you will rarely find her is on the USC campus.  As director of field operations for Ostrow’s public […]

From Student to Teacher

Clinical Assistant Professor Sangho Byun DDS ’11, PROS ’15 passes on expert skills he received as a student and resident to the next generation of Trojan dental professionals.  BY HOPE HAMASHIGE There were several reasons that Sangho Byun chose to study at Ostrow.  Sure, there was the school’s great reputation among dental educational institutions. And […]

Dr. “Mom”

Ostrow faculty member Charlene Napolitano brings her maternal instincts with her to Ostrow’s clinics to prepare pre-clinical students to treat patients.   BY JAMIE WETHERBE MA ’04 In the classroom, Charlene Napolitano is known for teaching her students more than technique.  “I have no doubts that every single student at USC will be a fantastic […]

A Chance to Smile Again

Stephanie Saldana hid her smile for years. Born with amelogenesis imperfect, the teenager was told she would likely lose her teeth by age 15. Then Ostrow’s Pediatric Dental Clinic stepped in to save the young lady’s smile.  BY STEPHANIE CORRAL A year and a half ago, Stephanie Saldana’s smile was a rare sight. Born with amelogenesis […]

Tongue Tied

Though Roop Mayall DDS ’18 has spoken with a stutter her entire life, she didn’t let it stop her from pursuing a career in dentistry. BY YASMINE PEZESHKPOUR MCM ’16 Standing at a busy restaurant counter during the lunch rush, Roop Mayall approaches the cashier to place her order. “Name for the order, please?” he […]

Twice Blessed

Lifelong USC dentistry patient thanks Ostrow for instilling in its students a responsibility to give back. BY MICHELLE McCARTHY Every time Lara Kerr hears USC mentioned, she thinks to herself, “Aw, my people!” This reaction is the result of being helped not just once, but twice by the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC. […]

Commencement 18

Click here for photos from Ostrow’s 2018 Commencement ceremony courtesy of Grad Images. Click here for photos from the Senior Awards and Banquet on May 10, 2018. Click here for your personal, professional photos from commencement.