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The Cellular Crusader

Jian Xu  BY JAMIE WETHERBE MA ’04 Assistant Professor Jian Xu is making a big impact on the dental world by studying our cell’s smallest parts.  Her work on chromatin modification examines how enzymes methylate proteins — basically, how cells turn signals on and off, like a light switch, and how this impacts chronic diseases.  […]

The Peri-Implantitis Pioneer

Neema Bakhshalian PERIO ’14 BY JOHN HOBBS MA ’14 It was a particularly talented dental school professor at Florida State University that first inspired Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry Neema Bakhshalian to aspire to teach. “I really liked his passion and how much time and effort he put into making sure we walked away better […]

The Foster-Child Advocate

Thanh Ton DDS ’99, MPH ’17 BY JAMIE WETHERBE MA ’04 As the clinical director of the Pediatric Dental Clinic (PDC) at the LAC+USC Medical Center, Thanh Ton is a master at building things from scratch.  “Our clinic is new, so there’s no manual,” Ton says of PDC, which she helped open in 2016. “But […]

The Virtual Surgeon 

Nam Cho DDS ’05, MD ’08, OMFS ’11 BY JAMIE WETHERBE MA ’04 3-D imaging and printing aren’t just for designers. Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry Nam Cho is incorporating this cutting-edge technology into oral and maxillofacial surgery. “Before this was available, there was some degree of guessing as it related to the specifics of […]

The Gatekeeper

Anita Tourah DDS ’08, PROS ’12 BY YASMINE PEZESHKPOUR MCM ’16  When the opportunity arose to join Ostrow’s faculty, Anita Tourah was all in. “I really wanted to work in an environment that influences people’s lives personally and professionally,” the assistant professor of clinical dentistry says. In addition to teaching prosthodontics to DDS students, Tourah […]

Meet the Graduates

Natalie Inoue DDS ’18 Dental school has inspired this Ostrow graduate into a teaching career. BY HOPE HAMASHIGE One thing Ostrow student ambassador Natalie Inoue emphasizes when she meets prospective students is that the opportunities inside and outside of the classroom are so enriching, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of them.  In […]

The King in Waiting

As emergency goalie for the L.A. Kings, Eric Chiccone ’13, DDS ’18 is always just a text message away from being called down to the ice. BY JOHN HOBBS MA ’14 All it takes is one text message. With just a few thumb strokes, L.A. Kings fan Eric Chiccone could be transformed from spectator to […]

A Long Time Coming

Ostrow Clinical Assistant Professor Gabriela Anderson turns childhood dream into fulfilling career.  BY JAMIE WETHERBE MA ’04 Growing up in Romania, Gabriela Anderson discovered she wanted to be a dentist at a young age.  “In our elementary school, we had a dentist with an office,” Anderson says. “She would take us from the classroom, and […]

Five things to know about USC dentistry faculty member Pinghui Feng

Earlier this year, Pinghui Feng left behind the Keck School of Medicine of USC, where he served as a professor of molecular microbiology and immunology, for the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. Here, he intends to broaden his research focus, working with a number of well-known investigators, and leading Ostrow’s new infection and immunity section. […]

Secret Lives: Daniel Schechter DDS ’72, Astrophotographer

For the past four decades, the Ostrow faculty member has circled the globe chasing after the perfect shots of eclipses, comets and the stars.  BY JOHN HOBBS MA ’14 It was on a trip to a swim meet when Matt Schechter saw it.  “Hey Dad, guess what I just saw in the Atlanta airport,” Matt said […]