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Faculty Profile | Neimar Sartori

  Neimar Sartori spent a large portion of his childhood in the middle of the Amazon and didn’t attend school until age 9. Now, he’s an Ostrow faculty member and conducts groundbreaking research on dental restoration and materials. BY BETH NEWCOMB MPH ’13 As a child, Neimar Sartori could have scarcely imagined he’d one day […]

Faculty Profile | Pascal Magne

Associate Professor Dr. Pascal Magne teaches the groundbreaking Dental Morphology, Function and Esthetics class where dental students focus on restoring natural smiles with equal parts art and science. Read about Dr. Magne here.

Omar Kholaki

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to enrolling students? “I would advise all enrolling dental students to understand that dental school is going to bring challenges never encountered before. The most difficult—and coincidentally the most rewarding—part of school is working in the simulation lab. There isn’t really anything that can train a pre-dental student […]

Omar Kholaki

What has been the most memorable experience for you at the Ostrow School so far? “The Class of 2016 White Coat Ceremony was the most memorable experience thus far. It was an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a long and fulfilling career with my classmates, family and friends. Looking around at the excited faces […]

Omar Kholaki

Which of your professors inspire you the most? “Dr. Matt Lee, research assistant professor, has been such an inspiring mentor with his vast knowledge in the biomedical sciences. Dr. Lee is a medical doctor and brings the very unique insight of overlap between the worlds of dentistry and medicine. He’s inspired me personally through his […]

Omar Kholaki

What inspired you to a career in dentistry? “My inspiration began early in undergrad as a biology major. When I decided to learn more about dentistry, I found an appreciation of the scientific application in a technologically booming industry. What other field allows a professional to build life-long friendships with their patients, restore the function […]