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Editor’s note: Carmen Molina works for Ostrow’s Community Oral Health Programs, where she serves as a promotora. In that role, Molina functions as a liaison between dental professionals and the community, helping to educate community members about the importance of oral health. We asked her how her job inspires her. BY CARMEN MOLINA When I was […]

The Dental Detective

Ostrow clinical associate professor C. Michael Bowers spends his evenings and weekends consulting as a forensic odontologist for the Ventura County Medical Examiners’ Office. BY JOHN HOBBS MA ’14 His line of work is not for the squeamish. If C. Michael Bowers ’71, DDS ’75 gets a call from the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office, […]


Editor’s Note: The following story was printed in the fall 2014 issue of TroDent. Click here for the entire issue.   In 2011, Dr. David Eggleston began a Hiking/Jogging Scholarship at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. The scholarship has grown in popularity during the past three years. This year’s hike paid almost $30,000 (divided into shares) to students who participated. Those who beat Eggleston hiking to the mountaintop, and those jogging under an […]