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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Hall of Fame

The Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC Hall of Fame was created to recognize graduates who have made significant and lasting contributions to the art and science of dentistry through scholary research, teaching, professional leadership and/or the development of techniques that advance dental science. Consideration is also given to individuals who have not graduated from USC but who, by nature of their accomplishments, have become part of the USC dental family.

Spencer R. Atkinson, Southern Dental College 1917

  • Formulated major orthodontic techniques based upon biological principles
  • Inventor of the Universal Appliance
  • Broadened the understanding of anatomy as applied to orthodontics
  • Inducted December 6, 1979

Rafael L. Bowen, University of Southern California 1953

  • His research in the development of resin composite and adhesive technology revolutionized the modern practice of dentistry
  • Has published over 200 articles on dental materials and techniques and holds over 20 patents
  • Director of the American Dental Association Health Foundation, Paffenbarger Research Center, and Center of Excellence for Materials Science Research
  • Inducted November 21, 1997

Gordon J. Christensen, University of Southern California 1960

  • Known world wide for his research, creativity and innovative educational programs
  • Most sought after dental lecturer in the world in the last half of the twentieth century
  • Founder of the Clinical Research Associates, whose evaluation of dental products and techniques has greatly impacted the dental profession.
  • Inducted November 15, 1996

Harry L. Dougherty, University of California, San Francisco 1957

  • Helped establish USC as a worldwide leader in orthodontics
  • The program he designed and implemented was ahead of its time: doing an original research project was mandatory, and passing the specialty boards was a career goal for all graduates
  • During his tenure, USC had the highest number of board certified graduates in the nation.
  • Inducted November 19, 2010

Clifton O. Dummett, Northwestern University 1941

  • A gifted author, ethicist, historian, researcher and humanitarian
  • Honored by USC as a Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Internationally acclaimed author of over 275 publications involving dental research, ethics and history.
  • Inducted November 21, 1997

Harold F. Eissmann, University of Southern California 1957

  • A greatly respected and admired teacher and author of fixed prosthodontics
  • An internationally renowned lecturer in restorative dentistry
  • An outstanding clinician.
  • Inducted October 16, 1981

Dudley H. Glick, University of Southern California 1953

  • Educator, mentor and role model to countless numbers of endodontic students and practitioners
  • A major contributor to the establishment of the specialty of endodontics in Southern California
  • Leader of local, national and international endodontic organizations.
  • Inducted March 16, 2000

Charles M. Goldstein, University of California San Francisco 1944

  • Hailed as the “Father of the Mobile Clinic” for his energy, enthusiasm and leadership in expanding the clinic’s services and ensuring sustained support
  • Championed oral health for all children and care for the underserved
  • Inspired generations of students and colleagues with the spirit of volunteerism and a heightened sense of community responsibility
  • Inducted September 5, 2001

Guy C. Ho, University of Southern California 1940

  • A beloved teacher of dental anatomy and fixed prosthodontics who instilled a dedication to excellence in the beginning student
  • A gifted practitioner of restorative dentistry
  • A source of inspiration for thousands of USC dental students.
  • Inducted May 21, 1986

Floyde E. Hogeboom, University of Southern California 1919

  • Credited with starting the specialty of modern pediatric dentistry
  • Established the first pediatric dentistry department at USC
  • Noted scholar, teacher, and clinician in children’s dentistry.
  • Inducted October 16, 1981

George M. Hollenback, Kansas City Dental College 1912

  • Invented dental instruments and equipment in use throughout the world
  • Renowned clinician and researcher in the field of dental materials
  • Wrote articles on the majority of materials and techniques used in operative dentistry
  • Inducted November 18, 1975

John I. Ingle, Northwestern University 1942

  • Distinguished endodontic leader and major contributor to the science of endodontics
  • Internationally renowned educator, author, researcher and clinical scholar
  • Gifted innovator and mentor to many.
  • Inducted September 5, 2001

Rex Ingraham, University of Southern California 1941

  • Motivated and inspired students through his dedication to perfection
  • In 1966, was one of only six in history awarded USC Distinguished Professor
  • Honored for his teaching, publications and fundraising for restorative dentistry
  • Named “International Dentist of the Year” by the Academy of Dentistry International in 1983
  • Inducted February 4, 1976

Ernest M. Jones, University of Tennessee, 1949

  • A consummate teacher and role-model for both students and faculty
  • Initiated a tradition of excellence in restorative dentistry at USC that still endures
  • His enthusiasm and dedication to excellence had a profound effect upon all disciplines in the school
  • Inducted November 18, 1975

Richard L. Kahn, University of Southern California 1964

  • Leader and educator in Restorative Sciences
  • Has received 21 outstanding faculty-teaching awards
  • Has served on multiple editorial review boards such as the CDA Journal and the ADA Journal, and has authored articles and manuals that have defined excellence in Operative and Restorative Dentistry
  • Inducted November 19, 2010

Bernard Levin, University of Illinois 1947, USC 1964

  • Helped to develop and improve techniques for dentures and other dental prosthetics
  • Published three books, including the definitive text on complete denture impression, four teaching manuals, and more than 50 articles
  • Greatly enriched the specialty and helped set the standards by which care is provided to edentulous patients
  • Inducted November 19, 2010

Beverly McCollum, University of Southern California 1907

  • A founding pioneer in gnathology and the Gnathological Research Society
  • His research proved the existence of a hinge axis within the TMJ
  • Developed instrumentation for making three dimensional recordings of jaw movements and an articulator capable of duplicating them
  • Inducted November 18, 1975

Wilma E. Motley, University of Southern California 1933

  • Devoted her life to the education and success of dental hygiene students and the profession
  • Honored for her knowledge and publications on the history of dental hygiene, ethics and jurisprudence
  • Served as a leader in both dental hygiene and dental organizations throughout the world
  • Inducted March 16, 2000

Fred B. Olds, University of Southern California 1924

  • Founder and Charter President of the Century Club, USC’s first support group
  • Created the support group concept for a professional school at a university
  • USC’s Fred B. Olds Support Group Award given annually in his honor
  • Inducted December 6, 1979

Anna M. Pattison, University of Southern California 1967

  • Has presented over 450 courses or lectures in the United States and internationally
  • Her book on periodontal instrumentation has been translated in to 7 languages and is used worldwide
  • Reaches the practicing dental hygienist through the Journal “Dimensions” of which she is editor in chief
  • Inducted November 19, 2010

Charles L. Pincus, University of Southern California 1926

  • Established the Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
  • Advocated esthetics as it affected a person’s whole approach to life
  • Developed and adapted new esthetic materials now used throughout the world
  • Inducted October 16, 1981

Harry R. Potter, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1964

  • An outstanding clinician in fixed prosthodontics
  • A lecturer of fixed prosthodontics throughout the world
  • Known and respected as a teacher by every student who studied under him
  • Inducted November 18, 1975

Earl R. Pound, University of Southern California 1923

  • Renowned researcher, clinician and lecturer of complete denture esthetics and function
  • Representative of the Ostrow School of Dentistry at dental meetings throughout the world
  • Published numerous books, articles and educational tapes on complete dentures
  • Inducted December 6, 1979

Ruth Hines Ragland, University of Southern California 1957

  • A respected leader in every consequential dental hygiene organization
  • A tireless advocate and administrator of dental hygiene education at USC
  • A devoted supporter of her students
  • Inducted May 21, 1986

Marsh E. Robinson, University of Southern California 1942

  • Teacher and friend to his many students
  • Pioneer DDS, MD oral surgeon who developed the vertical osteotomy for correction of mandibular deformities
  • In 1954 he founded the first three year residency in oral surgery west of the Mississippi at USC
  • Inducted 1991

Donald E. Smith, State University of Iowa 1915

  • Renowned authority on fixed prosthodontics who advanced the discipline to a new level
  • Recognized for his contribution of sound biomechanical principles in the design of partial veneer cast restorations
  • Consummate clinician and superlative and exacting educator.
  • Inducted February 4, 1976

Harvey Stollard, University of Illinois 1920

  • A pioneer orthodontist named “Dentist of the Century” from San Diego in 1960
  • Interpreter and publisher of the research work for the California Gnathology Society
  • An important influence in establishing post-graduate education programs
  • Inducted November 18, 1975

Charles E. Stuart, University of Southern California 1924

  • A pioneer and recognized authority in the science of gnathologic rehabilitation
  • Co-director of research conducted by the California Gnathology Society
  • Developed one of the first dental computer programs for jaw analysis
  • Inducted November 18, 1975

Peter K. Thomas, University of Southern California 1939

  • Internationally renowned teacher and lecturer of restorative dentistry
  • Recognized with awards from dental societies throughout the world
  • Considered one of the finest clinical dentists of his time.
  • Inducted November 18, 1975

Lawrence J. Warner, University of Southern California 1958

  • Gave many years of service to organized dentistry at the state and local levels
  • Was a Trustee of the California Dental Association and President of the San Fernando Valley Dental Association
  • Also served on the Judicial Council of the California Dental Association mediating patient/dentist conflicts and was instrumental in developing what is today the Peer Review system of mediation.
  • Inducted November 19, 2010