A Tribute to Donald L. Tuverson DDS
Legendary Orthodontist and USC Alumnus

Donald Tuverson portrait



05 Oct 23

WE LOST AN ICON AND PILLAR in USC Orthodontics history.  Donald L. Tuverson passed away peacefully in his home in Point Loma, San Diego, in January 2023. Dr. Tuverson was in the private practice of orthodontics in Pasadena, Calif., until he retired at the end of 1999. He was known for his attention to the fine details of orthodontics, enjoyment of fishing and love of Trojan football.

Don was a “triple Trojan,” graduating from USC with a bachelor of science, a doctor of dental surgery and a master of science in orthodontics. He was a famed graduate of the “new” edgewise orthodontics department under Drs. Steiner, Dougherty and Tanaka (DDS ’62).  What made him special was his devotion both to the dental profession and to USC Orthodontics.  Dr. Tuverson was an orthodontic ambassador, lecturing nationally and internationally — along with teaching regularly at the dental schools of USC, UCLA and Loma Linda.  He was one of our symbols of orthodontic excellence and known for his publications and lecturing on canine substitution, indirect bonding, orthodontic finishing, unusual extraction patterns and adult orthodontics. 

Beyond  the normal alphabet of memberships in the ADA, CDA, AAO, CAO, OKU and American College of Dentists, Dr. Tuverson was a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and full member, past president and component director of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontics.  In 1995, Dr. Tuverson was given the PCSO Award of Merit for his lifetime of contributions to the profession of orthodontics.

In USC circles, he served as president of Dentistry Associates in 1979 and of the part-time faculty assembly from 1987 to 1988.  He is on every “wall of fame” in the dental school and is one of only a few honored for teaching at USC for more than 50 years.  He was the major fundraiser for USC Orthodontics in the 1980s and was honored to have the basement predoctoral orthodontic clinic named after him. 

n the history of USC Orthodontics, Dr. Tuverson will be remembered among the treasured names of our outstanding orthodontic legends . . . Atkinson, Steiner, Dougherty, Tanaka, Singer, Loos, Allman, Schacter, Sinclair . . .

Don and Judy Tuverson leave behind both children and grandchildren in the Trojan Family to Fight On!

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