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The Master Craftsman

Neimar Sartori


Neimar Sartori always knew he wanted more than a clinical career.

“I was always curious about why something was a certain way and why some people use certain techniques over others,” the assistant professor of clinical dentistry says.

Sartori realized his inquisitive nature made a career in academia an ideal aspiration for him. 

Before joining Ostrow’s faculty in 2013, the Brazil native earned his DDS, master’s and PhD degrees at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil. 

He now serves as assistant director of Ostrow’s advanced operative and adhesive dentistry program.

In addition to teaching restorative dentistry to both students and residents, Sartori has made a name for himself using digital technology to treat some of Ostrow’s most complex cases — many times restoring a patient’s entire mouth.

He recently treated a young patient with amelogenesis imperfecta who needed scaled-down veneers to fit her small mouth, requiring precision that can only be provided by a computer.  

“I try to design everything on the computer instead of sending it to a lab,” says Sartori, who uses CAD/CAM together with adhesive dentistry to restore not only the aesthetics of a beautiful smile but also long-lasting function. 

When working with students to treat patients, Sartori hopes to lead by example — especially when it comes to patient care. 

“I want to influence them to be critical thinkers but also to have the knowledge, passion and sensitivity to understand their patients. Understand what they want, and always do the right thing,” he says.

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This story originally appeared in the TroDent, the official publication for the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC. Read more stories like this in our Spring 2018 issue.



Posted May 2018