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Century Club Named 2011 Alumni Volunteer Organization of the Year

The Ostrow School of Dentistry’s Century Club has been named the 2011 Alumni Volunteer Organization of the Year as part of the annual USC Alumni Association Volunteer Recognition Dinner.

During the dinner, held at USC’s Town and Gown on September 16, the Century Club was recognized for their history of service, generosity and dedication to the Ostrow School of Dentistry. Donna Smith, immediate past president of the Century Club, accepted the award on behalf of the group and shared some of the history and ideas behind its formation.

“Dr. Fred Olds, an Ostrow School of Dentistry graduate, started the Century Club in 1955 after he had what seemed like a simple vision: an organized group of dedicated alumni giving back to their School in order to support the institution they love as well as to provide resources and opportunities for their future fellow graduates,” she said.

“However, this idea turned out to be pretty innovative at the time – not only was the Century Club the first alumni support organization at USC, it was also the first such support group for any professional school at a university.”

For decades, the Century Club has been a powerful supporter of Ostrow School of Dentistry initiatives, spurring the creation of scholarships, raising funds for new clinical technologies and facilities within the School, and more. Most recently, two of the School’s main lecture halls were completely remodeled and outfitted with new audio-visual equipment thanks to a fundraising effort led by the Century Club.

The most important part of the Century Club is the alumni perspective that guides all of their goals, helping the School to identify the most impactful ways to help current and future students, Smith said.

“This is what being involved in an alumni organization is all about. We as alumni have the unique perspective – and the responsibility – to hone in on the initiatives that will bring the most benefit to students, our future dental colleagues,” she said. “The Ostrow School of Dentistry’s Century Club has been nothing short of revolutionary in that regard.”

Avishai Sadan, dean of the Ostrow School of Dentistry, shared Smith’s sentiments.

“We are so fortunate to have the Century Club supporting our School, not only because of their amazing generosity but also because of their willingness to share their experiences and perspectives as alumni in order to make this institution the best it can be,” he said. “The opinions and suggestions we receive from the alumni who love this School are absolutely priceless. The involvement of the Century Club has benefited thousands of Ostrow students and will have a massive positive impact for generations to come.”