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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Glendale News-Press Highlights Dr. Rex Ingraham

The Glendale News-Press has spotlighted legendary Ostrow School of Dentistry alumnus and retired faculty member Dr. Rex Ingraham, citing his monumental contributions to dentistry, his recent Half Century Trojan Award, and more.

During his tenure as faculty member at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, Ingraham spent more than 40 years teaching and leading students and professors. His research pioneered the use of gold foil and cast gold restoration procedures. Additionally, he helped adopt high-speed dental instruments used in modern-day dentistry and lectured about the advanced technology around the globe. Following his retirement in 1983, he has remained a steadfast advocate for the School.

“I’m just extremely happy that I contributed to [the Ostrow School of Dentistry’s] strong clinical school,” Ingraham said. “I traveled around the world considerably on my lecture tours, and everybody looked up to us USC graduates as top dogs.”

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