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Over 50 Years of USC Smiles

Addie Taylor of Inglewood always gets a lot of attention from faculty, students and residents when she comes to USC for her appointments at the Ostrow School of Dentistry.

But she doesn’t get the attention because she has some sort of rare dental complication, far from it. In fact, Taylor has a beautiful smile complete with every single one of her teeth – and she’s 100 years old.

She’s taken meticulous care of her teeth for years and brushes and flosses faithfully, says her daughter, Gladys Chappel. But both she and Taylor also credit her healthy smile to the care she’s received at the Ostrow School of Dentistry for over five decades.


“USC’s the reason I still have all my teeth,” Taylor says.

Since she first became a patient of the School in 1954 she’s been cared for by many different students and residents, several of who still keep in touch with her. But while the surroundings, technologies, and student faces have changed, the level of care she’s received over the years hasn’t changed a bit, Taylor says.

“They are always so good and courteous,” she says of the students and residents who have provided dental care for her. “I haven’t had one bad experience; I have absolutely no complaints.”

Sigmund Abelson, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs for the Ostrow School of Dentistry, says serving patients such as Taylor is an honor and a wonderful experience for students and residents at the School.

“Ms. Taylor has a rich history as a patient for many years at the dental school. Patients such as her provide our students with an exceptional learning experience not only in terms of clinical dentistry, but also in developing their interpersonal communication skills,” Abelson says.

“The students also benefit from learning from her life experiences. Thanks to patients such as Ms. Taylor, the end result is that our students graduate not just as competent dentists, but also as having the necessary skills to serve society as oral healthcare professionals.”