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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC


Dental Hygiene Program

The Ostrow School’s Dental Hygiene curriculum prepares graduates to assume the many roles the profession offers: clinician, educator, public health program planner, advocate, and researcher. Graduates of the Dental Hygiene program also are well prepared to pursue a variety of master’s degrees, including public health, gerontology, and craniofacial biology.

Ostrow Bachelor of Science Dental Hygiene Curriculum

The sample Dental Hygiene curriculum outlined below is subject to modification, but provides an overview of a typical progression through the program. The five-trimester program requires 88 units, 76 in dental hygiene and 12 in general education.

The Ostrow School’s Curriculum Committee continuously reviews and enhances the curriculum to ensure students graduate with the competencies essential to their role as health care providers.

Trimester 1 (Fall)

Course Credits
DHYG 311a Fundamentals of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice 3
DHYG 316 Patient Education in Preventive Dental Care 1
DBIO 310 Oral Biochemistry 2
DHIS 310 Basic Tissues & Histology & Embryology 2
DIAG 521 Principles of Oral Radiology 2
OCCL 310 Fundamentals of Dental Morphology 1
DHYG 314L Dental Morphology Lab 1
PERI 310ab Introduction to Periodontal Diseases 1
ANAT 521 Head and Neck Anatomy 2
OMOD 506 Infection Control 1
General Education 4

Trimester 2 (Spring)

Course Credits
AMED 524 Pain & Anxiety Control 2
DHYG 311b Fundamentals of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice 3
DHYG 320 Preventive Dental Therapy 2
DIAG 415 Radiographic Techniques 1
MBIO 310 Microbiology & Immunology 2
PERI 310b Intro to Periodontal Disease 2 1
PTHL 312ab Medicine and Pathology a,b 1/3
Writing Course 4

Trimester 3 (Summer)

Course Credits
AMED 502 Emergency Medicine 2
DHYG 318 Dental Specialties 2
DHYG 401 Introduction to Advanced Dental Hygiene 2
DHYG 410a Clinic: Dental Hygiene 3
DHYG 424 Research Methods 2
DMAT 316L Dental Materials 2
HBHV 310 Interactional Skills in Dental Hygiene 1
PERI 415 Basic Periodontal Therapy 1
PTHL 312c Medicine and Pathology 2

Trimester 4 (Fall)

Course Credits
DHYG 410b Clinic: Dental Hygiene 6
DHYG 414a Advanced Dental Hygiene 2
DHYG 412 Preventive Dental Care Programs 1
DHYG 516a Community Dental Health 2
PEDO 310 Dentistry for Children 1
PERI 504 Advanced Periodontology 1
DPHR 410 Principles of Pharmacology 2
General Education 4

Trimester 5 (Spring)

Course Credits
DHYG 414b Advanced Dental Hygiene 2
DHYG 410c Clinic: Dental Hygiene 6
DHYG 516b Community Dental Health 2
DHYG 422 Essentials of D.H. Practice 1
GSPD 504 Geriatric and Special Patients 2